Original First Date

Original First Date

Factors to consider for an original First Date

Whether you’re just jumping back in the dating game after a long hiatus, or you’ve been dating quite a bit and happen to be taking out a new partner, fresh ideas for where to go and what to do can run out quickly. Here are a few helpful suggestions that should keep you and your company entertained during your initial few dates.

Common Interests:

Try to brainstorm an event or activity based on your established common interests. Have you discussed a certain sports team, a particular type of art or specific artist? Try to choose one of the following options only if there has been an expressed interested, since it is clearly more intimate to have a reason to connect yourselves with why you’re going to that precise event.

  • A Sports Game or activity that one or both of you are fans of
  • A Concert with an artist you’re interested in or a bar that caters to one genre
  • A Museum/ Aquarium/ Zoo with a special exhibit
  • A Comedy Show or Theatre Production
  • A Movie you’ve both expressed interest in because of a particular subject matter or actor.*

*Look for drive-in movies or Outdoor showings in spaces like these highlighted in the following articles

  • Howaboutwe.com uses the information you offer to help put together a custom-designed night out for the two of you to enjoy. Check it out for other input.

Perhaps one of you have discussed a particular hobby and would like to introduce your passion to the other; maybe there is something that neither of you have done yet are eager to try. Consider these options for dates that are a little more off the beaten track…

  • An art or cooking class. Groupon.com, AmazonLocal.com & LivingSocial.com have great suggestions for activities and outings that you wouldn’t generally stumble upon or consider, like horseback riding and hot air balloon rides.
  • Running a themed 5k, taking a new gym class, rock climbing at an indoor gym, or playing a outdoor sports like tennis or volleyball if you’re both into athletics.
  • Trivia night at a local restaurant or bar.

Eating Out

Nowadays nearly everyone has some sort of allergy, intolerance, or special dietary need. Try to get a little bit of that information before planning your night out, it may be crucial to you restaurant of choice. A safe and original way of keeping your options open could be checking out a variety of delicious food at a Farmer’s Market, like these, in the LA Area:



or a Food Truck Convention like the one in Abbott Kinney at the first weekend of every month.


Remember, you want to keep the date casual, fun, and stress-free. This stage of a relationship is about getting to know each other better, and enjoying the process you are both going through of discovering new parts about yourself. Explore! Do some research and utilize what is available in your area, play tourist & try something new to both of you! The more you cater to each of your personal interests and needs, the more memorable and enjoyable the night is likely to be!