Online Dating Sites

Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites add a meaningful contribution to a comprehensive dating approach, but they need to be properly managed. That requires you to make a certain time commitment.

Online sites have become totally mainstream and, as such, have shed not only any stigma but also have attracted millions of subscribers, among which are some fantastic matches for you. The trick is how to find them efficiently.

Interestingly, it is a vastly different experience and challenge for men compared to women in the online dating world. When women post their profiles online, they are deluged immediately with hundreds of solicitations. Part of the reason for this is that many men just look at the pictures, and if they like them, they send an email. OK, this is a strategy, though not a good one. As a result,  women need to do their own searches because searching through the hundreds of emails they receive is not practical nor has that group been screened in any way for their preferences.

Both men and women need to make a specific search with the criteria that are important to them. Most of the sites, except for eHarmony, provide for subscriber searches. That way, both men and women can generate a manageable list of candidates that possess their primary criteria. Then from that list, they can send emails  expressing interest. This is the way to manage the online sites and not waste time.

The top online sites are,, and There are many others for specific interests or focuses, whether religion-based (Christian Mingle); sugar-daddy arrangements (; or financial status (, for those who are more money oriented. I suggest that you limit your participation to one or two of the top sites unless you do have some specific interest or focus, and trust me, you’ll find a site that focuses on that.

Sometimes these sites are just fun! Enjoy yourself!  Surf and explore and see what kind of people are out there. Vary location, distance, age, race, height, etc. Mix up your criteria and just browse away.

The biggest and most popular site by far. Easy to navigate and search and constantly being upgraded. Given its size, narrowing your focus is critical. They send you daily matches, which is a good reminder to get on the site, and you can see who viewed you, who “favorite” you, who emailed you, etc. You can review who you viewed and emailed, as well.


This site has a different structure than the other online sites. In order to become a subscriber, you must fill out a rather extensive questionnaire. This has the positive effect of weeding out the looky-loos and less serious participants. In addition, eHarmony has established a process of interaction whereby you and your potential match go through several rounds of questions before you are both asked if you want to contact each other directly. You always have the option of dispensing with the back–and-forth and can go direct if both people OK it. Despite its sometimes clumsy feel, the process is a good one, and I strongly recommend this site if you are serious about meeting someone and want to include an online site  as part of your dating strategy. This site also sends daily matches that remind you to visit the site, and you can navigate easily around your previous interactions.

Ostensibly this is a Jewish site, but many of the participants are not Jewish, making it a viable mainstream online resource. It is easy to navigate and has regular updates and improvements. jDate is similar in format and feel to, though it has significantly fewer subscribers. As before, the best way to find good candidates is to do your own search. It also has recommended matches and other alerts to remind you to visit the site.


A new entrant to the field but one that is quick and fun. Basically, you flip through pictures and indicate yes or no. If they are interested too, then a dialogue can begin. It is refreshingly easy and fun and has become  popular.


As the name suggests, provides an array of recommendations for couple’s extracurricular activities, (i.e. tips for spicing up dates, books to read, events & places to check out, etc.), on top of offering the standard profile services associated with online dating. A great tool for the lovebirds or singles to take advantage of!

Coffee Meets Bagel

Started by three sisters, is a family-owned business operated by the siblings and inspired by the concept of making dating as enjoyable, and accessible, as your morning coffee. They have a simple, sweet, down to earth approach to their services. An asset for any young professional to utilize on the go.

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