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Getting Back on Top is the ultimate resource for a healthy divorce, dating, relationships, and sex. In his book, Ian masterfully tackles the challenges of love, romance, and commitment in our current fast-paced, high-tech world, and he offers crucial strategies to achieve interpersonal success in all relationships.

After divorce, how should you ideally prepare to start dating? What’s the importance of psychological insight and self-awareness? Stylistically written like a personal, intimate conversation, Getting Back on Top is actually a comprehensive guidebook that offers you all the knowledge and tools necessary to transition back into dating and relationships. As a reader you will feel as if you are listening to your dearest friend, gaining wisdom from a respected parent or mentor, hearing candid feedback from a sibling, and gathering psychological recommendations from a mental health professional.

What are the best resources available and the best methods to meet appropriate mates? How should you approach issues of sex, commitment, and blended families? Ian shares a wealth of information from years of personal and professional experience that, if applied, will save you a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money, not to mention heartache.

What are the potential joys and common pitfalls in the dating world? And, ultimately, how will you keep your new relationships personally rewarding and sexually thrilling? Ian grants you permission to be fulfilled in your relationships and emphasizes the importance of knowing yourself completely. He understands the significance of healing and insight, and the value of honesty and direct communication. Comfortably and candidly addressing practical facts about sex for both men and women, Ian provides specific recommendations for counseling, online dating, and matchmaking, as well as romantic hotspots and travel getaways. You may refer to his 10 Commandments as a quick reference for a foolproof method of relationship success.

Between the lines, this book supports a concept that most individuals either don’t understand, or choose not to acknowledge. Healthy relationships require work. You need to be willing to devote time and energy to continued personal growth and to the process of relating. You need to prioritize honest communication and sexual intimacy. However, Ian’s use of humor, wit, and storytelling will have you embracing this work so that it feels more akin to an exciting journey and novel adventure.

Written specifically for divorced individuals, Getting Back on Top is a masterpiece for any adult. This book offers educational information and pearls of experiential wisdom beneficial not only for divorced singles returning to the dating market but also for divorcers/divorcees attempting to achieve healthy separation, for married couples and significant partners desiring to keep the spark in their relationship, and for sexually active individuals striving to attain ultimately gratifying sex and sustained romantic intimacy. So start reading, and get back on top today!

— Dr. Martha Koo, leading Los Angeles psychiatrist


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"Ian Oliver's book is a MUST for anyone who's been through the trauma of divorce. Actually, for anyone who's even contemplating divorce. Actually, for anyone who's even contemplating marriage. This is the raw, authentic voice of the one party you never hear from: the man!"

-- Michael Attwell BAFTA nominated filmmaker

"Although the subject matter is complex, Ian Oliver has done a great job in pulling together such a comprehensive reference guide. We needed this book."

Lily Shariat leading Los Angeles couples counselor
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