Finding exactly where you want to stay on your exotic trip to Maui

Finding exactly where you want to stay on your exotic trip to Maui

Excitement is never a thing of the past, and let’s face it, “all work and no play” has never suited anyone very well, has it? So you’re off to Maui* ( and find yourself on the hunt for a specific type of adventure…how will you ever decide where to start? Do you have a lot of time to kill? Are you interested in lounging by the pool or trekking up a treacherous volcano? Are you on a romantic holiday, or did you bring the whole family along? Maybe you are limited on time or resources while away, sneaking in some tourism at the tail end of your business trip? Luckily for any Maui-bound jet-setter, the island has plenty to offer anyone in search of exciting new experiences. Deciding where to stay will play a crucial role in your vacation.

A Choice of Luxury and Exclusivity

If you are off to enjoy a romantic getaway or would like to spend your holiday living the high life, then The Ritz Carlton along the north coast of Maui is your ultimate destination. The hotel sits upon a cliff, overlooking the waters below while guests are treated to outstanding service as they enjoy the tiered pools, cabanas and spas onsite. From tennis courts and children’s activities to top of the line facilities, The Ritz Carlton is unrivaled in its efforts to maintain an alluring and relaxing atmosphere for visitors year after year.

As another impeccable alternative, The Four Seasons also embodies refinement and class, directly located on Maui’s southwest coast. The hotel offers tennis, swimming, golf, children’s events and an array of fine dining.

A More Rugged Getaway

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is the Hotel Hana-Maui in Hana With no AC or TV, but a graciously informal service, the Hana-Maui is all about meeting others and soaking up the low-key, down to earth vibe of Hana. Filled with charm and a number of spas, the Hana-Maui encourages a natural approach to revive and rejuvenate guests, using local plants and ingredients to help the body sooth and relax. As a result, natives and tourists alike love stopping by this location, making it an excellent spot to mingle and enjoy what Maui has to offer first hand.

No matter what it is you’re looking for, Maui has a little something for everyone to enjoy. Make sure you chose a hotel that caters to your specific holiday needs and expectations. The right hotel can lead to you the right spas, hiking trails, beaches, bars, or luau’s. Aloha!


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