What do guys really think about Valentine’s Day?

There is a big difference between how men look at Valentine’s day versus how women look at Valentine’s day.

Despite what you might think, guys like to be romantic, too.

But when the big V day comes around, often there is a lot of pressure on men. This is mostly due to the heavy importance placed on this day by women.

The main issue for guys is “How do I get through the day without upsetting my girlfriend or significant other.”

A woman tends to have high romantic expectations. And if he can’t meet them, he feels like he might get into hot water.

So for you ladies out there who want something special for Valentine’s Day, remember that men really do care, really do want to be romantic not just on Valentine’s Day, but that they tend to realize that Valentine’s Day is a big deal to the ladies.

Tip for the ladies in a relationship: Try to remember that your man may have this fear and help him along by giving subtle suggestions prior to Valentine’s Day. Men can’t read your mind, so if you have something in particular in mind for that day, let him know.  For example, if you want to go to a particular restaurant, drop him a hint a week to two days prior and say how much fun it would be to go.

Tip for the men in relationship: Remember how important Valentine’s Day is to your woman and try to think ahead and surprise her with something personal and romantic. Women love it when they can tell you put some thought into a gift or date. It will get you major points!!

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